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But don’t just take our word for it.
(Especially when so many other people have said such nice things.)

"The Choice lender was awesome. They did a great job on getting me ready for closing getting my loan set up. This was great."

Larry and Denise G.

"Yes, we were incredibly satisfied with Beazer's Choice Lender. "

Kellen and Lindsey E.

"Nice, courteous, and helpful every step of the process. "

Alexander V. and Jaime A.

"Would highly recommend! "

Reema T. and Suja A.

"The Choice Lender did a phenomenal job and I could not be happier with having used them. They went out of their way during every delay to help me out and constantly update any document that was needed. "

Michael D Jr.

"We really liked the Choice lender, He was super professional and helpful and guided us through the loan process very well. Hazel on his team was amazing in her communication and explaining all of the items needed to get us through the loan process. We feel that by using the Choice lender we received a better deal than buying a used house."

Kimberly W.

"The Choice lender was amazing! "

Albert V.

"The New home consultant gave me options of Beazer Choice lenders. I compared with the lender I already had. The Choice Lender was excellent, She really worked with me to suit my needs. I was quite satisfied with her support. She was great to work with."

Prathap P.

"We are very pleased with the Choice Lender. She worked with us closely to ensure any concerns, questions are addressed through loan process and closing. This really put the Beazer experience over the top. "

Frank and Flordeliza S.

"Our Choice Lender OMG!! What can I say, they went beyond our expectations. It was a smooth process. I applied and submitted all paperwork in one go, thanks to them we were able to BECOME HOMEOWNERS!!!! I would HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend them.If I tell you our loan was a hard one and they made it look easy! My family personally thanks you for all your hard work. This lender can get any loan completed. I say YES to them!!!!! If I can give them a 10 out of 10 I would!"

Jocelyn and Sea Yong K.

"Initially we decided to go with a lender outside of the Beazer's list of Choice Lenders. Two weeks before closing it was clear that the lender was not organized, we fell through the cracks, and were provided a closing disclosure with numbers we never discussed. Our New Home Counselor immediately jumped in with a Beazer Choice Lender. He helped us start the entire process over in such a short amount of time and restored my faith in this system. Leading up to closing was extremely stressful but our Choice Lender team were rockstars getting us to the finish line. "

Steven and Kathryn B.

"My Choice Lender took care of me very well. She is very professional, and courteous. She answered all my questions: Mortgage and rates etc... She made sure that I had all the documents completed and my closing went smoothly. Very Good!!!"

Josiane Pinto M.

"I am quite satisfied with the lender. Very professional, friendly, and available. "

Robert and Erma C.

"I will definitely rate this a 4 (out of 4), plus 4; a double rating because he was really good, beyond good."

Matthew and Nancy R.

"My Choice Lender exceeded my expectations. She was exceptional."

Diana G.

"The Choice Lender is very knowledgeable. Responsive to my questions and calls. Met me at my home to complete paperwork. She treated me with kindness and respect. "

Janet H.

"Very happy with my Choice Lender. He is the best I've worked with in many years and made the mortgage & closing process very smooth."

John B.

"The Choice Lenders were exceptional. They walked us through everything, were efficient and courteous in every aspect. They were a "hell" of a team in every aspect...."

Ismael and Patricia O.

"The Choice Lender supplied a very competitive rate for our home. I compared their product and they won the rare battle."

Meredith and Matthew M.

"The Choice Lender was great to work with. She answered my questions in a timely manner. "

David W.

"The best in the business in my opinion."

Fednet and Yves R.

"The Choice Lender was fantastic. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a lender. "

Eric and Michele C.

"My Choice Lender did an amazing job. I was thrilled to work with her and highly recommend her services. Very prompt and thorough. Unbelievably professional."

Julie D.

"The Choice Lender assisted me through every phase of the loan process. Even when the loan was transferred to underwriting he was ALWAYS available when I called and contacted him. He was so helpful and knowledgeable that it made for a good experience. "

Tashika G.

"My Choice Lender was great and very helpful during this process. "

Allison and Matthew W.

"The Choice Lenders were fantastic. I understood all the documents, activities and timing."

Jeffrey W.

"My Choice Lender was phenomenal…"

Ranjit S.

"Our Choice Lender was so helpful to us. Our representative even switched and we didn't feel the slightest disruption in service. "

Hunter and Lori L.

"Above and beyond."

David and Marlene L.

"Our Choice Lender is an amazing person "

Olubusayo O.

"My Choice Lender was amazing and would recommend him to everyone. AMAZING! "

Crispin and Megan P.

"We are very satisfied with our lender; he made the loan process go very smoothly."

Jeff and Amy L.

"My lender was FABULOUS "

Brian and Jennifer P.

"Great experience with our lender."

Nikhlesh A.

"My Choice Lender was awesome, I have already referred two other people to him."

David D.

"My Choice Lender was beyond encouraging. Her upbeat and positive attitude helped us survive the tide and come out feeling stronger and revived with each meeting or email we had with her. The process was smooth and seamless with this Team."

Michelle and Erik B.

"My lender worked hard, as my 2nd choice from those lenders offered, to earn my business and provided excellent response to my financing and approval."

Kevin T.

"My Choice Lender was great! Very knowledgeable and responsive."

Joshua and Jessica L.

"We are happy about our lender and the way she took care of us with the entire experience. She worked with us extremely well and tense free and got us the loan for our house. Thanks!! "

Vaishali S. and Satyanaryana V.

"My Choice Lender and her entire team were fantastic! Even though most of the process was handled by the team, my loan officer was always available to take my calls and would also call me to check in throughout the entire process. They made the loan process as painless as possible. Top Notch team!"

Gene F.

"Very much satisfied with my lender, they really made my home buying experience stress free, even for my first time."

Brandee G.

"My Choice Lender is a great company and my loan officer is even a greater guy. I'm so happy he was the one I got to work with. "

Babalola K.

"My lender and his staff did a wonderful job answering any questions we had during the process! I highly recommend!"

Tyler S. and Stephanie W.

"My lender was great, a true professional! Very informative and patient with our questions and concerns. Always followed through on everything and presented things in a manner that we could understand."

Kris and Kenneth M.

"Yes, I am very satisfied with my experience with the Choice Lender. My lenders made my experience great, seamless and stress free."

Poletta M.

"The lender was excellent and everything was good for a first time home buyer."

Ben W. and Emma B.

"I had a issue where my dream of owning a home would be crushed but my Choice Lender made sure we closed the house and on time. They are fast efficient and had taken care of my closing with no issues and hassle free. Thanks to them for making my dream come true to own a home."

Deepthi M.

"The Choice Lender was excellent. The experience makes me realize that I was settling for average services in many fields. They have essentially raised the bar for what I knew to be professional and courteous service. I cannot express how please I am with their support."

Mauri S. and Kendis S.

"My Choice Lender was exceptional in all phases of the mortgage process."

William and Lavonne H.

"The Choice Lender was wonderful. Very helpful throughout the process! "

Andrew and Tiffany C.

"My loan officer went above and beyond to help us through the process "

David and Debora V.

"My lender was wonderful. They helped us thru the whole processes. THANK YOU"

Kenneth and Patricia C.

"My loan officer was on top of everything. He certainly made every step of the mortgage process as pleasant as it could possibly be. "

Dennis O. and Gladys A.

"Excellent Job.. Easy to work with.."

David and Lori L.

"My lender is the best. I have been in banking for 10 years and she is the best person I have worked with."

Derrick and Kasey C.

"She was really good. "

Ryan and Lacy P.

"My Choice Lender was amazing, helpful, and professional. I would recommend her to anyone."

Stephanie and Ted L.

"My lender was very helpful and easy to deal with from start to finish."

Frank and Ruthann K.

"The best in class (she was very impressive)"

Kiran J. and Komali C.

"My Choice Lender and his team were excellent and helped us navigate through some issues and gave solid advice. He was able to get a solid rate for my loan and was very helpful throughout the process."

Michael and Patricia V.

"My Choice Lender and her team was awesome to work with."

Duane and Tyra G.

"My Loan officer was the perfect match for us - very pleased."

Stephanie B. and Jerome R.

"My loan officer and his lender team are awesome and very professional."

John and Magdelana M.

"My Choice Lender was great. She was wonderful to work with."

Thomas and Amanda L.

"My loan officer and his team were amazing! "

Adam D.

"My Choice Lender was excellent."

Johanna and Timothy F.

"My lender was the best I have dealt with in my 3 home closings."

William and Tawnya R.

"My Choice Lender was also excellent to work with. I would highly recommend him to prospective buyers."

Richard and Laura M.

"My Choice Lender was a top notch Mortgage professional. He made the process seamless, suggested the product that best fit our Mortgage needs and kept us well-informed during the entire prcosss. "

Tracy and Thomas B.

"My Choice Lender handled my mortgage quickly and effortlessly. This was a quick closing and the process went without a hitch."

Rebecca C. and Paul A.

"My Choice Lender was helpful, prompt and worked with us to get us the best rate/mortgage and even advised me on the refiance of my previous home to have a down payment for my new Beazer home. "

Derek and Monica A.

"My Choice Lender rocks! We loved working with him!"

Jesse and Jessica O.

"We are first-time residents of Maryland and my Choice Lender gave me connections to doctors, veterinarians, churches, restaurants, and banks. She has been equally professional and personal. They are effective with people and efficient with paper. "

AnnMarie and John F.

"We ended up using a Choice Lender we were VERY happy with."

Amy D. and Robert P.

"Our lender delivered on what was promised and did a great job! I would recommend him to anyone buying a new home."

Cory L.

"My Choice Lender is brilliant. We are also giving him an A+. This gentleman is very professional and has a brilliant team that is awesome."

Marcia M. and Zelyia C.

"My Choice Lender is nothing short of amazing!!"

Stevie K. and Erwena N.

"We were extremely satisfied 100% with our Choice Lender. He worked so hard to get us in our home after we were left hanging by another lender."

Grant P. and Grace W.

"My Choice Lender was great!"

Charlie and Karen R.

"Love my Choice Lender! She went above and beyond to make my mortgage process extremely easy."

Crystal H.

"My Choice Lender was excellent. "

Shantell D.

"My Choice Lender and his team are awesome!!"

Zachary L. and Khonemixay I.

"Extremely satisfied."

Timothy and Tomara C.

"My Choice Lender is the best I have ever worked with. Even after the loan was finished he still helped me out. He worked very hard and did extra things to help us out. I am extremely impressed with him. He worked very hard and impressed me."

Steven M.

"My Choice Lender and his team were Phenomenal."

Paul and Filomena W.

"Yes!! My Choice Lender was amazing. He would call and organize everything and went above and beyond his duties. He would check on us when disappointing news would happen. He would email and get us anaswers. He was amazing!!"

Angela and Derrick M.

"My Choice Lender was great. Everyone we had came into contact with this lender was friendly and so helpful and would reply and get back to us within minutes. I always felt very comfortable with them and will gladly recommend them to anyone looking for mortgage. I couldn't have asked for a better mortgage experience with them. "

Anthony D. and Kevin M.

"We had a great experience with our Choice Lender"

Glen and Cynthia H.

"My Choice Lender was very responsive to our needs."

Eric and Margaret T.

"My Choice Lenderand his team were awesome. "

Cole O. and Megan K.

"My Choice Lender and his team spent a lot of time with us explaining details along the way. They were very patient and kind in the process. "

Joshua and Tricia M.

"My Choice Lender was exceptional! They answered all of my questions and concerns promptly. "

Santiago and Valerie P.

"Our lender was very good with us."

Douglas N.

"My Choice Lender was phenomenal! I couldn't have asked for a better team!"

Stephen and Jill R.

"My Choice Lender and her team are exceptional!! Thoroughly professional, prompt, responsive, and courteous. We are absolutely satisfied!! A+++++"

Ignacio A.

"Our Choice Lender is awesome."

Tiara and Adrian H.

"My Choice Lender and his assistant were awesome! Anytime we had a question about the process they would immediately return our phone or email! Great team of professionals! I would highly recommend them to anyone!"

Robert and Tracy S.

"My Choice Lender and his team were amazing!"

Shauna and Gary D.

"The lender was great. They made the whole process painless and quick."

Sean and Ayako M.

"They were good, no problem with them. "

Daniel and Diana K.

"The Choice Lender did an excellent job. I would highly recommend her to others seeking financing through a Choice Lender."

Ralph and Sarah B.

"Our lender was awesome. "

Rosario F.

"The Choice Lender was excellent and personable. "

Jose and Adelaida R.

"Our Choice Lender is a fantastic company that we have used in the past and will continue to use/recommend in the future."

Carrie and Tyson B.

"My Choice Lender is the best."

Vanessa and Ryan F.

"He was great. He's an awesome guy."

Melissa S. and Ivery F.

"My Choice Lender = A+"

Michael and Lorie H.

"The Choice Lender was very easy to work with, because their process was streamlined and efficient. "

Nicole H.

"The Choice Lender was instrumental in making this happen for us. She went above and beyond from the beginning to end. Her knowledge, professionalism, and patience were outstanding. "

Cecilia and Eduardo G.

"The Choice Lender was A+ in making sure all parties were completing their tasks. Extremely transparent and helpful in making sure we understood all steps."

Jimmy C.

"We chose our Choice Lender from your list, and have used them before. They were great and stayed in constant contact with us during the entire process. Their use of electronic documents and signatures made it very easy for us (especially since we were remote for most of the paperwork submission process) to review, sign and submit the documents they needed to secure the lending and prepare for the closing process."

Scott and Sara B.

"I had a great experience with my Choice Lender. They kept me informed and made the process easy."

Jocelyn G.

"Our Choice Lender was awesome!"

John A.

"The Choice Lender was very good and had the best deal in our eyes. Highly recommend."

Jeremy and Mary G.

"The Choice Lender was easy to work with. She made this whole process so stress-free!!! She guided us through the whole process. Love her!"

Carroll and Hope G.

"The Choice Lender was knowledgeable and professionally friendly."

Modupe and Damilola O.

"Our Choice Lender basically gave us a new life. She worked everyday to get us the best loan with the best interest rate. "

Kim and Kenneth H.

"The Choice Lender made the entire process smooth and explained all of our questions in detail to us and taught us a lot about home loans. He even helped us lock in a good interest rate."

Lan Y.

"I was very satisfied and impressed with our lender's tireless effort to ensure the whole verification process went smooth - she was very informative and answered our calls all the time.Very helpful indeed."

Michael M.

"It was a great satisfying experience working with our Choice Lender. Her insight and advice means a lot to us."

Hitesh and Ami G

"Our Choice Lender was truly amazing!!!! From the first time we spoke during the preapproval process to closing! He made the process stress free and easy. We are truly grateful!!!!"

Chris and Cynthia F.

"Our Choice Lender is excellent"

Midhat P.

"OMG, our Choice Lender was absolutely amazing! He was attentive and courteous throughout the process. He demonstrated he truly cared about how my mortgage experience was and did everything he could to put my mind at ease and keep me informed."

Andrea S.

"Our Choice Lender was phenomenal! We loved working with her and she made the whole process seamless and exciting! Thank you!"

Kathleen G. and Christopher O.

"We mentioned that we had worked with some lenders in the area before and our Beazer New Home Counselor suggested we compare the offers and lenders, which we did, and we settled on one of the Choice Lenders and have been very pleased."

David and Sally P.

"If it hadn't been for Beazer's New Home Counselor's suggestion to get info from all of the Choice Lenders, we probably would have tried less and never looked at the smaller company we went with. Go Beazer!"

Hannah R.

"The Choice lender we are working with has been great so far. She has been available for any questions we had in the beginning about mortgage options, and she has made submitting our information electronically very convenient. Working with the Choice lender has been the easiest part of the building process."

Jen A.

"The Choice Lender has been amazing. They have answered every question we have had and made sure we were in the best loan possible."

Justin H.

"I love the Choice Lender program. I was able to work with several lenders and get great pricing options. We have been able to lock our interest rate with our lender. Thanks."

Regina A.

"Our lender went above and beyond and educated me on all loans and how to prepare for it."

Phuc H.

"Our Choice Lender did not rush us through the explanation of the Mortgage Choice program. She explained options patiently and often multiple times to make sure we had a grasp of the program."

Faisal A.

"I was offered an opportunity to talk with a Choice Lender if I didn't already have one of my own. After speaking with a Choice Lender, I saw no need to seek my own.It has been very good. I am informed on everything and never in the dark about anything. I receive up to date emails and or phone calls about everything."

Dorset J.

"Our Choice Lender was very helpful and we are very satisfied with Beazer's Mortgage Choice. We are very pleased. She has been fantastic and has made the mortgage process as smooth as possible with lender and worked hard to find the right mortgage solution for us. She personalized our mortgage process and made our home purchasing experience a great one. Please acknowledge her for her outstanding customer excellence. She is very knowledgable and professional throughout the mortgage process. We worked with two Choice Lenders and both were responsive and worked with us to find the right program for our needs."

Frank S.

"Beazer's Choice Lenders offer competitive rates and the right programs for my needs."

Nazar S.

"The experience has been very responsive, personalized and expedient."

Eric and Margaret T.

"Our lender has been a pleasure to work with - very responsive and personable. All the other Choice Lenders were also quick to provide information as requested."

Faisal A.

"They are amazing to work with."

Jeanette S.

"Top notch. The communication has been great."

Joshua B.

"Our Choice Lender is truly fabulous; he and his team are taking great care of us."

Kelly B.

"The Choice Lender has been fantastic to work with so far. Quick to respond and get answers. Very helpful."

Kenn F.

"The experience has been very nice and professional."

Luis D.

"Our Choice Lender is awesome. They made it exceptional."

Manoel J.

"Our Choice Lender is the best day or night I can call him with a question. I'm happy I'm with him, very much so. I'm still asking questions and he is right on it, working hard to help me get my home. "

Regina W. and William C.

"Our Choice Lender is competitive in the market and there has been full disclosure.They have been pretty good! I would recommend them to others!"

Kyle and Ashley H.

"My lender has been very helpful."

Marlon H.

"The lender has been VERY supportive, professional, and courteous throughout the loan application thus far. We are extremely satisfied with the service we received."

Michelle and Erik B.

"I'm very happy."

Alan J.

"Our Choice Lender has been awesome to work with"

Alexandria and Steven H.

"Our Choice Lender is awesome!"

Ben and Ashley D.

"I was pre-approved through another company before purchasing this house but one of the Choice Lenders offered a better interest rate!"

Brittany L.

"Our loan officer has been an asset for our house buying process. She has made the mortgage process so SIMPLE for us. We have no worries for our mortgage. She has been on top of things. We have nothing but great compliments for her professionalism. It is amazing to know that a tedious mortgage process can feel so easy."

Carlos A.

"Our loan officer has been excellent. She always returns my calls, emails, text etc. She has been very professional and upfront about what out of pocket cost might be expected."

Cedric T.

"Working with our Choice Lenders has been excellent: They have gone above and beyond with assisting my goal of obtaining a new home"

Darryl H.

"Our Choice Lender has been fantastic!"

David A.

"The Choice Lender has explained everything in detail to my wife and I. We couldn't be more pleased."

David S.

"Our lender has been awesome."

Glenn C.


Joseph B.

"The Choice Lender blew away the two other places I went to on my own, so I just stuck with them. Our loan officer was very accommodating and answered all questions I had. Any time I had a concern or question on what I needed to do, he was quick to respond and very helpful."

Joshua W.

"Our lender has been great."

Kimberly H.

"Our lenders have been very responsive to our questions providing us up to date information. They continue to make sure we are on track administratively and both are pleasant to work with."

Larry Z.

"It was great."

Michael A.

"Our Choice Lender has been very responsive and has been very communicative."

Miguel D.

"The Choice Lenders were very informative and presented their options in a very professional manner."

Patrick D.

"I was given contact info and allowed to make my own choice with no sales pressure"

Robert G.

"My Choice Lender and his team have been phenomenal!"

Robert and Tracy S.

"I really love my lenders. They did a wonderful job of explaining everything piece by piece to my husband and I. Awesome."

Robert and Priscilla S.

"The Choice Lender has been really helpful. I appreciate she isn't too pushy, answers our questions, and has been responsive."

Sandhya M. and Vamsikrishna K.

"We LOVE our Choice Lender and our loan officer! She's been thorough during the process and is always accessible to us. We appreciate all of her assistance."

Sharon and Brian D.

"I sent out emails to all the Choice Lenders. My Choice Lender sent me a text and I called and spoke with him for about 45 minutes. He answered all my questions, which I confirmed with another outside lender. I really liked him because he is very similar to me. He has been wonderful and has worked very hard for my benefit. He's the best."

Steven M.

"My Choice Lender is quite professional, knowledgeable, and quite responsive. I highly recommend him."

Tammy D.

"My Choice Lender has been exceptional."

Tiffani F.

"Great options. My brother in law is a lender. I showed him all the paper work, he said it was a fair deal what they proposed. Our Choice Lender was awesome. They walked me through options that allowed me to use my VA loan."

Troy D.

"They have been very good."

Udayakumar C. and Nivedha D.

"10+++ Our Lender and his team are the best of the best. Super!!!"

Victor L.

"I am working with two of the three Choie Lenders. They have been very professional. They're helping me learn about the process and not just going through it. I appreciate that."

Victoria R.

"It is good. They are very responsive and informative."

Viviana and Taylor W.

"Our Choice Lender has been absolutely phenomenal."

Weston M.

"I have had a very good experience with our lender thus far. Our lender was very informative."

Ajay Y.

"Very accommodating and very helpful."

Ana A.

"The Choice Lender has gone above and beyond helping us understand the process, money required to do what we needed to have happen and ways to move forward with a timeline. We plan to set up personal banking with them due to their on point service."

AnnMarie and John F.

"It is very good."

Biswajit G.

"Got pre-approval from a Choice lender quickly"

Brandon Q.

"The lender has been great."

Clifton F.

"The lender is awesome."

Duane and Tyra G.

"Our lender has been extremely responsive."

Edward K.

"They are very good."

Hesham L.

"Our lender has been very attentive."

James and Mary B.

"The Choice Lender is very,very much on top of things. Not only were they quick but they also gave me a great rate."

James J.

"The lender has been very helpful, we are out of state right now, and all communications have gone well."

Jeffrey and Keisha P.

"Probably the most effective part of this experience. They're punctual, simple and to the point, and available. Things a good business should strive to be."

Jenny and Ryan C.

"The Choice Lender has been extremely helpful and informative. I am so glad I chose to look at Beazer Homes. This lender is helping me live my dream. It's tough for young professionals in their 20s get started with anything especially a home. I am glad I chose them as a last resort since other lenders did not even look as deep as they have to really help me. Special thanks to the whole team."

Jesse P. II

"Our loan officer has been awesome."

Jodi C.

"Very professional and convenient process so far."

Johan F. and Betty G.

"I would rate him a number 10. Basically he worked quick, like solar system fast. I had spoken with another lender and with my Choice Lender and my experience with them went the most smoothly for me and they were helpful."

Karen S.

"My lender is awesome!"

Keisha and Levar R.

"Our lender was outstanding. She was friendly, knowledgeable and able to answer all of the questions. The first one to respond was the one I went with and I do not regret one moment of it."

Keith H.

"I would encourage everyone to work with my Choice Lender."

Lindsay and Brian S.

"They work very professionally."

Liping P.

"Our rep was very nice and really helpful"

Louis and Lisa S.

"The lenders are fantastic, informative and kmowleable."

Nancy H.

"I've bought houses before and it has never been like this. Our Choice Lender is very easy to get ahold of. If I could give a 5 out of 4, I would!"

Nathan and Brianne S.

"Their rates are much better than anyone else"

Ram K.

"With everything so far, they have been very courteous and reliable. They are absolutely excellent; there's no better organization to work. They have been exceptional."

Rayford C.

"Our lender is amazing!"

Rosalind F.

"We were pleased that there were 3 Choice Lenders within the program. This allowed us to pick which lender was the best fit for us, while still taking advantage of the Beazer credit towards closing costs. The lenders have been EXCEPTIONAL thus far. The pre-approval, application and conditional approval process has been unbelievably smooth and FAST!"

Samuel K.

"Our loan officer is amazing!"

Sara M.

"They have been fantastic."

Scott J.

"My Choice Lender is the best she is helpful and keeps me informed. I feel well taken care of"

Sophia S.

"The lender we are using has been very helpful and has responded to my calls quickly"

Terry B.

"Our loan officer has been extremely helpful. Every step of the way he has been with us, educating us and steering us. It's been great."

Thomas H.

"They are really good."

Troy and Bethany H.

"Our loan officer is awesome! Extremely informative."

Vanessa and Ryan F.

"Very good."

Vasant and Jaya M.

"Our salesersperson told me I could use who ever I choose, so I never felt pressured. Once I compared deals though, It was in my best interest to go with the Choice Lenders."

Wesley S.

"This is more than a 4 our fo 4! They were really good."

Brenda and Daniel G.

"The lender has been a total pleasure to work with."

Cayle H.

"They have been great so far. They are on top of things."

Cheyenne L.

"If they didn't or could not supply what I needed they said that I could look for someone else but they did surpass my needs! The best and friendliest group ever. Over the TOP."

Danita R.

"Our lender has been very helpful and quick to respond to our questions throughout the entire loan process thus far."

Earl H.

"My experience with the lender has been excellent."

Erin and Raimy R.

"They were very, very good."

Gary and Jane B.

"They are very helpful, it went smooth."

Ian F.

"Our Choice Lenders have been nothing but transparent, patient and educating. Thankful."

Jeremy and Tarah T.

"We love the experience so far. We had to change our down payment multiple times, asked literally 100+ questions and our Choice Lender always helped us in a timely manner and never got frustrated (to our knowledge) with our questions. She is very responsive. It got to the point where my wife and I decided to email her with questions during her work hours (daytime). We would write emails to her at night because that was the only time we had and expected to get a response when we woke up the next morning. Surprisingly we would get responses to our questions literally 10 minutes after we sent out our email."

Jonathan C.

"The Choice Lender was very professional and extremely proficient in assisting with the mortgage for our new home. She and her team processed our request very quickly and have kept us informed every step of the way."

Joseph and Caroline L.

"Great customer service"

Juan G.

"Our lender has been fabulous to work with."

Lance R.

"Our Choice Lender did a great job with everything"

Mahesh G. and Neelam M.

"Our loan officer is awesome - we give him a 10. He knows the mortgage lending business well."

Miles S.

"Minimal closing costs; rate; Less complicated process."

Patricia M.

"He is really good."

Patrick and Caroline D.

"Working with our lender has been fantastic and gave us a lot of clarity and a smooth process thus far."

Randall A.

"My loan officer is very exceptional as well in what she does for her clients like me. She is thorough in explaining well everything. Very good lender."

Rosa G.

"My Choice Lender is amazing. She is on top of it!"

Stevie K. and Erwena N.

"Our Choice Lender was very helpful."

Terence H.

"My Choice Lender is very helpful, kind, and knowledgable."

Vickiann T.

"I can't say enough good things about our lenders. They're great!"

Walter and Raquel R.

"Our loan officer couldn't have been a nicer guy. He also made sure I understood everything and spent a lot time with me on paperwork and answering any questions."

Whitney H.

"It was a great experience and is the first time I’ve ever used my VA loan. I served proudly in the United States Marine Corps and have been married for 27 years to the same beautiful woman. We would both like to thank you for the great experience we had. If I had the money I’d buy 10 more homes from you. Thank you so much for all your customer service and helping us to buy this house. Thank you very much again. "

Robert B.

"I had a very positive experience with Beazer Homes’ Mortgage Choice program. The lender was awesome to work with. Although I am a CPA, mortgage banking isn’t my thing and my loan officer was very patient in working with me. He answered all of my questions, was responsive and worked very closely with me."

Jodi C.

"My wife and I loved using the Mortgage Choice offered by Beazer. After interviewing all companies. we chose a lender who was extremely attentive and accommodating to all of our needs. He was extremely knowledgeable about the mortgage rates and different options. He was also very accessible. Our loan officer returned my calls quickly and also had time to discuss the process with my wife and I. We would love to express our gratitude to him and Beazer for making our experience such a positive one for purchasing our second home."

Jim B.

"The Mortgage Choice program provided me several lenders to choose from. It was extremely easy and effortless to use and most importantly I was treated with respect and dignity!"

Keith H.

"The Choice Lender contacted me immediately after I put in a request to Beazer for the lenders. He spent about 45 minutes answering all my questions. The biggest thing was when I ran into a problem where I could not get a conventional loan. He worked very hard to get me a VA loan....I was extremely impressed with this lender - 6 weeks into the process, we were devastated thinking we could not get a loan until he made the difference."

Steve M.

"Mortgage Choice allowed us to get our dream home. When we submitted our information online, I was contacted by the Choice Lenders almost immediately. I was able to work with a trusted lender that helped us work through our credit reports. We have had problem credit in the past, and had been rebuilding our credit for a couple years, but it could have still been better. The lender was able to tell me exactly what to focus on to get our credit scores moving up, so we could get the best rates possible. By the time closing came, our credit was great! I couldn’t have done it without their help and I’m forever grateful that we were able to purchase our first brand new home."

Jennifer P.

"We recently purchased a home using your Beazer’s Choice lender. I was able to close in 15 days which was amazing and had a smooth closing. I was looking for a property to purchase and Beazer had a perfect spec home for my family. In a couple of days I signed the contract gave my deposit and closed on the 28th of December, saving me lots of money. The loan process was super simple and less stressful than most loans I’ve worked on for myself and others. I am a real estate broker and honestly, closing a loan in 15 days it’s not what I experienced in this market."

Laura S.

"What made our mortgage choice experience memorable was because we really became a mini family. We could call each other and really talk when we had questions going through the process which I believe was a little more intense because we have a VA Loan. We had a team working with us. Also at closing one of the representative came to our closing to see if we had any questions. That level of attention and commitment spoke very highly of our Choice Lender."

Renata T.

"Out of the mortgages that was recommended I chose a Choice Lender, and I can't say enough good things about the process through that bank, along with our loan officer who was the best in the whole process. Not only did I get the best rate that I feel, but the customer service was over and Beyond on what I expected. Which is why I would highly recommend the choice lender with Beazer."

Jeremy G.

"I recently completed on a Beazer Home and am delighted with my choice. I did make use of the Mortgage Choice program offered by Beazer even though I have an existing mortgage provider that I have worked with for years. It was a great program and I cannot be happier with the choices I was given, the perks that were associated with the program and the ultimate choice I made in lender."

Paul G.

*Testimonials are edited for length, and to protect customer privacy and remove lender identifying and trademarked information.